Success Stories


    Here is how he did it 

    Mark, purchased a 10 PACK of 450g Large Personal Chef meals weekly.

    He prepared his own breakfast, usually oats and a protein shake.

    Morning tea, would simply be a small coffee and a bottle of water.

    Lunch, Personal Chef Co. Meal.

    Some of his favourites were, butter chicken with seasonal veg or chicken in mushroom with seasonal veg was another.

    Afternoon tea, was often an assortment of mixed nuts and sometimes another protein shake.

    Dinner, Personal Chef Co. Meal. Usually, he went for Korma Rump with seasonal veg or Slow cooked beef meatballs or the Barramundi with honey soy bbq.

    For a snack after dinner, he often loved having a punnet of fresh strawberries infront of the tv.

    Exercise wise, Mark trained 3 x week at the gym for an hour each time focusing on both weights and cardio. When he wasn't at the gym, he was aiming for 10,000 steps per day as well as drinking at least 2 litres of water per day.

    Congratulations Mark, you seriously are now one of the best-looking blokes in Cronulla and you can still have a few beers on the weekend to celebrate as long as you stick to the plan again come Monday.

    Well done again. By Dean Simpson- (Founder of Personal Chef Co.)