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Chicken Singapore Noodle - 350g

Chicken Singapore Noodle - 350g

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Chicken thigh thrown in with curry powder and rice noodles to make our very special healthy version of Singapore noodle. 


Protein: 32.20g  |  
Fat: 8.75g  |  
Carbs: 55.65g  |  
Sodium: 889.00mg  |  
Calories: 465.50
Protein: 41.40g  |  
Fat: 11.25g  |  
Carbs: 71.55g  |  
Sodium: 1143.00mg  |  
Calories: 598.50
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to have my order in by?

We take orders up until 6pm Wed for the following Sunday morning delivery. 

Are they Frozen?

No. At no point are they frozen.Meals are freshly made right before they turn up at your front door.

Can I freeze them?

Yes. Preferably however, meals are best kept in the fridge, lasting 7-10 days. 

What size should I purchase?

For weight loss the 350g size may be more suitable. The 450g size meals are more of a generous men’s size. 

What pack should I choose?

Most popular pack is our 10 pack.2 meals per day for 5 days. Select a pack based on your individual needs.